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About Baisakhi
Baisakhi Date in 2016
About Baisakhi

Baisakhi is celebrated as birth anniversary of Khalsa.Vaisakhi festival is a festival of agriculture. In the northern India specially in Punjab and Haryana, when crops grow all green, and swing in breeze, and Rabi crop is ready, then to thank nature and almighty god, farmers perform dance and sing songs. The beat of drums and songs on Baisakhi compel young menwomen as well as nature to dance along.

On 14 April, sun enters the Aries sign. It is also celebrated as a new year. In Bengal, 15 April is celebrated as new year on Baisakhi. With a new birth the new generation brings up many cultural works. With colorful functions, this day is celebrated as welcoming of new year. Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva is worshiped while welcoming the new year.

Dance and songs are performed at public places. Resolution for country’s growth and living in unity. On this day , new clothes are wore, new business, booking account is carried out. This day, sweets and delicious dishes are made at home.


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