Send Cakes to Australia from India Online without thinking twice

Chocolate Cake

Just think when you are in India celebrating birthdays or anniversary or any other big occasion to celebrate .First thing you imagine to have a nice cake in mind to start the celebration .In India buying a good cake is not a big deal .Every city has three to four good bakery shops who sell excellent cakes .Cake variety includes cake for everyone, I mean to say Egg Cakes to egg less cakes and cheap cakes to premium cakes.

But when one needs to send Cakes to Australia, it becomes slightly difficult to decide from which websites to send cake to Australia from premium bakery as every website offers cakes at reasonable cost e.g. when it comes to websites like indiangiftguru , one can order cake online to Australia without thinking twice .One can find plenty of cake flavors to choose but Indian have typical taste for every delicacy so Cakes are no exception .Their most Preferred Flavors are Black Forest , Chocolate Cake , Butter Scotch , Vanilla ,Strawberry and cheese cakes. Indiangiftguru has all these flavor on the website.

Planning to Send Rakhi Abroad

Send Rakhi to Dubai

We have barely few days left for Rakhi Festival to come .Rakhi in 2015 is falling on 29th August ,the best part is the day is saturday .Though in India , Saturday is working day on most of the places and Rakhi is not a compulsory Holiday in offices and shops ,so it shall partly be working day in India .But of course outside India when one need to send Rakhi abroad in time so that it reaches well before Saturday ,being holiday in European countries .So no question arises for to send Rakhi to Europe on holidays .If your brother is living in London ,send Rakhi to London at least a week before Rakhi day .If your brother lives in Dubai then you have only 4 to 5 days margin to send Rakhi to Dubai from India as Friday is holiday out there.If you need to send Rakhi to USA then again scenario is same you need to send Rakhi one week before at least. Similarly for Australia subcontinent if you need to send Rakhi to Australia or Rakhi to New Zealand ,take 1 to 2 extra days to send Rakhi to these countries.

In broader term it is going to take at least one week for Rakhi Delivery to Abroad .So plan your Rakhi Shopping by one week before that is on Friday or Saturday that is cut off date is 20th or 21st August 2015 .

Send rakhi online or again make a mistake this year

Is it going to be too late when you look at the advertisement and hoardings on the road or announcement on the F.M.? .These advertisement clearing depicting sister tying Rakhi to brother and ringing an alarm for you to send Rakhi for your bother .This advertisements are usually on display only week to ten days before Rakhi. Especially when your brother is living abroad, sending Rakhi could be a minimum one week affair. So like every year you shall be at the cutting edge of time and keep speculating if you’re Rakhi shall reach on the time to your brother if you send it late .Your poor brother like every Rakhi Festival keeps waiting on the hope that you shall send him some nice Rakhi online with Rakhi Gifts in time.

But you procrastinate too much and take it easy or in fact too much confident that you shall send it online any time you wish even before a week and able to manage it well. To Send Rakhi online has always been not been as easy this way as you ever thought of .Because you have never thought of the unexpected situation on the day you plan and send Rakhi to Dubai or London to your brother when you are at home with full plan to enjoy your holiday .Suppose on that day your mobile network is down due to some reasons or your internet is slow or not working at all or you forgot your one time password for online payment.

Now you are in a precarious situation and do not know really what to do now .Going to a neighbours place and asking for a favour, which you have never liked, is always a difficult job to do .You clearly know that you’re asking for a favour which shall clearly be politely refused with the stupid or valid reason that my Mom is not at home or my PC or Internet is not working too. Now what you shall do, running to Internet cafe or rush to local market for buying Rakhi for your brother.

Being late ,going to internet cafe does not seem to help you much as cut off dates of delivering Rakhis are almost over on all the Rakhi selling websites so they cannot guarantee delivery before Rakhi.

Problem is still not over .Parking your car in a shopping Mall or a local market is not easy .Further buying Rakhi alone is not going to sort the issue .So as a last measure you need to rush to local market .To add to your disappointment, as you are already late, excellent stock of handpicked Rakhi is nearly finished so you are in compromising mode .All this end up buying Rakhi not of your choice for your brother.

Next agenda is to send Rakhi to London or Dubai to your brother from a reliable courier.

Earlier you thought you are smart enough to enjoy your weekend but it now seems a remote possibility as your half day is nearly over and still you are for a look out of a trusted courier and you have got barely four to five days left for Rakhi Delivery.

Again a marathon search for a courier begins, hunting for a best courier who can send Rakhi like a flash. You are able to find the best and most trusted courier now but that too with a 50:50 assurance that they may or may not deliver Rakhi with Rakhi Gifts on Rakhi Day .Your fresh calculation begins now if Rakhi is on 13th August then you have an extra one day to send it as USA is 12 hours behind so there is a fair chance Rakhi shall reach on Rakhi Day .There is a temporary smile on your face but again it but it fades as Rakhi day is going to be Sunday this year and there are no deliveries on Sunday in USA .This happens with all English speaking Countries barring UAE that they do not deliver on Sunday and Holidays. So you have no other option but to beg to courier guy to mark the courier as urgent and deliver it on Rakhi Day as a last hope.

Once you book the Rakhi ,now comes the tracking part .You are mentally engaged for all four to five days ,day and night to find the location of the Rakhi courier and pray to god for timely delivery till it finally reaches your brother .But by the time excitement of sending Rakhi is replaced by uncertainty and dejection .

Your Courier Company is not as heroic as shown in the movies .They just managed to get Rakhi delivered the very next day after Rakhi Day. Still I feel your courier guy has done a great job.

To summarize, did you ever realise that you ended up paying nearly the double amount had you paid to an online shopping website or sent Rakhi well before time plus wasting a full do for Rakhi for your brother Your brother deserves this but this was unwarranted .

If planned well before, you just needed to select a Rakhi online and a Rakhi Gift and in a single click, you had an order confirmation mail in your inbox and within hours a tracking details at your mail id. No more botheration for you to track it too. Someone else shall take of this very well from the website you ordered the Rakhi.

How easy it was for you to send Rakhi with ease online if ordered Rakhi earlier .With your debit or credit card ready, spending 5 to 10 minutes to select Rakhi and spending few more minutes to pay and your Rakhi shopping was over .So wake up this time and log onto to trusted website like indiangiftguru  and send Rakhi to USA your brother in USA or other country.
But was that enough or you are still going to do the same mistake this year too?

Sorry for being bits harsh like your big bro.

Indiangiftguru is online website which sells Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts .Send Rakhi to India and send Rakhi Abroad worldwide along with flowers , cakes and gifts to more than 200 countries.

Send special Rakhi online

Rakhi is a festival that every brother and sister look forward to celebrate every year.
The scared, eternal bond of love and closeness gets strengthened day by day, year by year by observing this festival time and again. After ceremonial function, jubilation and party time along with family outing generally becomes the part of spending quality time with each other.

When it comes to buying a special Rakhi for brother, Indiangiftguru has Rakhi of your choice from a single Rakhi to Rakhi sets, exclusive Rakhi, traditional Rakhi for your brother and special Rakhi for kids. Indiangiftguru have beautiful range of Bhaiya Bhabhi ki Rakhi with Marwari and Guajrati taste too. In nut shell Indiangiftguru have a complete Rakhi package for all Indian communities who celebrate Rakhi in India and worldwide.

To elaborate , Indian gift Guru has Rakhi for all , right from very much affordable to premium range of Rakhis is in their catalogue .You just name a Rakhi design they have it .For example to name a few, Traditional Rakhi , Silver Rakhis, Gold Rakhis, diamond Rakhi, fancy Rakhi, auspicious God Rakhis and Rakhi sets for elders.

Similarly Rakhi for kids design includes all cartoon character Rakhis like Doremon, Pokemon, Chota Bheem, Krishna, Bal hanuman and others.

Indiangiftguru not only send Rakhi Online with Rakhi gifts across the globe, they also send Rakhi to India from USA .One can send Rakhi to India from UK including London online from indiangiftguru. Similarly send Rakhi to India from Australia online whenever you want. Not only India , one can send Rakhi to USA from any Indian cities .Similarly send Rakhi to London -UK and Rakhi to Dubai-UAE from India with most competitive prices .Indiangiftguru has become a common platform to send Rakhi abroad in the country where your brother lives .

So Celebrate Rakhi this year with your brother with Indian Gift guru like every year and make this occasion a memorable one like every other festival.

Have you decided to Send Rakhi Online this year?

Have you decided to Send Rakhi Online this year?

If yes , we are committed to send Rakhi online for you .

Every year a lot of confusion and hara-kiri takes place for every festival to send the right (gift) one at the right time! What to send and what not to send becomes secondary but when to send it so that gift reaches in time in case things are out of hand .Yes I am talking about time .In today’s world majority of folk wait for the last moment to send gift to their loved ones .It is not only gift , assume the general scenario , I see no difference as the same attitude prevails to pay school fee , electricity bills or go for a last minute change of programme to see a movie or change your vacation plan .This may be due to over engagement in work or not executing things timely inherent in your nature. I am really sorry for intruding into your personal trait.But it may true ..

May I ask , why I am pushing this article in your mind , am I doing it for news or other methods for digital media attraction .May be no , it is just an awareness or wake up call for you guys to plan your Rakhi shopping well in advance , Not just you go to local market and realize to see Rakhi being sold out like anything or watch a FM broadcast that Rakhi festival is only 4 or 5 days away .I do not want you to compromise in any case be it time or quality Rakhi shopping .

I have an idea , why don’t you sign up so that we shall let you know the Rakhi date and bang on mail to you twice or thrice maximum for the dates when you should plan to send Rakhi to India for your brother .Let us be an alarm clock at least for this occasion .Yes by doing so , you are putting us to test whether we can do this or not .Try yourself .

How you sign up. Click here for sign up .

Just fill in your basic details and rest leave to us .We sincerely hope 3 reminders are enough as a wake up call .

Good Luck ..

Holi Festival Celebrations and Color Craze

holiholi color

Holi Celebrations

Holi is being celebrated in India from very early time but Holi celebrations seems to be rising with every passing year as Holi provides much liberty to the People to let their hair loose and enjoy their hidden crazy self. Holi celebration takes place with lot of joy and enthusiasm of the people throughout the country & the verve reaches its peak and matches with the nature at the time of Holi. People dance to the rhythm of Dholak and sing traditional folk songs in loudest possible pitch. The enhancement of the festive spirit of Holi kicks out with the tradition of Bhang. After a wild and eventful day, evenings are celebrated in a dignified manner by visiting friends and relatives. People exchange sweets and hug each other conveying the warm wishes for Holi. These days’ people also participate and organize Holi Meets and enjoy the festival till late in the night.

Holi Colors

The celebration of Holi festival is incomplete without colors. Colors enhances the wildness as differences of any sort are drowned in the colored waters of Holi and people just enjoy being a play animal. Womenfolk throw buckets of color water on them and sing folk songs. Children particularly enjoy the festival as they throw water filled balloons at passers and if anybody stares, They have ready answer to evoke a smile on the irritated face. Besides, they have their water missiles, called Pichkaris to drench the person from far and escape further drenching. Herbal Holi Colors are much preferred these days as the people have become much conscious about their skin and also they have become environment friendly. You can get eco friendly Herbal Holi colors from your online gifting partner Indiangiftguru.

Valentine Gift ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriend on V’Day

product_1357982618product_1359442403Valentine is one of the most special occasions for a couple. If you’re engaged or married then make sure that you make this special day even more special for your Wife/ Girlfriend with love, romance and gifts.
Giving romantic gifts brings in a number of advantages. But to get the best out of the gifting you need to make sure that the gift item you choose is the most appropriate for your dear one. Wondering what can be the best gift to send valentine gifts to India for your love?

The listings briefed below will serve you as a guide when choosing a gift for the woman you love.

Flowers- Flowers form one of the best gifts for a woman. They can convey your message in the best manner. Different variety of flowers pose with different significance and meanings. Though a florist may help you in making the right choice but still you need to do your homework before selecting flowers for your love. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a non-satisfying bouquet. Make sure that the flower’s variety you choose define’s the your purpose of gifting in the best manner. Also, you can consider adding a hand written note or a card in the bouquet.

Romantic Movies, Books or Songs- Mostly women love having romantic movies and romantic books as gifts rather than horror or action packed movies. This is because majority of girls grow up reading romantic series and a number of them continue to fill the voids in their life reading, watching and listening the romantic stuff. Thus gifting a customized music CD could be a great gift idea. You can even consider writing a love letter or a love poem for your woman. Most of the women love this kind of gesture from the man they love.

Jewelry- No doubt every woman loves to have a Jewelry piece as a gift. In fact jewelry can be considered as one of the most Romantic Gifts. Hardly any women will resist gemstone or gold jewelry. Platinum or Silver jewelry is too welcomed as gifts. But make sure when you choose to gift jewelry do not go for the fake ones. If you can’t afford a 32 caret jewelry item you may go for 20 carats or less jewelry. You can consider buying jewelry from the online Stores. Heart Rings and Pendants are huge hits to gift a woman on Valentines Day. You can also consider gifting birthstone jewelry for the woman you love.

Perfumes- Perfumes are another ultimate gift for a woman, if selected wisely. If there is any particular woman which stands of your woman’s preference, you can consider purchasing that perfume. Make sure the one you buy is of the sensual varieties.

Consider giving a Gift Voucher for a Spa- A number of women like luxurious spa items. Giving Aromatherapy Products on Valentine Day can prove to be a great gift idea. Of course, there is no woman who doesn’t like pampering. Thus, gifting her a massage voucher can prove to be a great gift idea.

A Comprehensive Guide to Select Best Flowers for Your Dear One

Flower GiftsGifting flowers is no doubt one of the most pleasant gifts one can gift to his/her dear ones on special occasions. Though flowers have different meanings in different cultures. But whatever is the situation, no other item than flowers can express as much love and admiration as these beautiful assets. Gifting flowers can boost the recipient’s mood and can even bring a smile on their face.

With so many varieties of flowers to choose it’s not so easy to choose the right one for the particular occasion. As different flowers pose with different meanings depending on the color and type.
The tips mentioned below will help you choose the perfect flowers for your dear wife or girlfriend.

Tip 1

Consider the dislikes and the likes of the recipient. Such as will they like a bouquet or an arrangement of flowers? If they have any particular likes consider purchasing that flower variety. Does the recipient like flowering plants or a plant that he/she can transfer to their garden later?

Tip 2

The color is another significant factor that you need to consider while buying flowers for gifting. As different flowers have different meanings. Thus, it makes it very important to consider the message that you want to express when selecting the flowers. You must keep the recipient’s culture in mind, as the gift giving customs vary between different cultures. Also, makes sure that you know about the customs so that you can avoid gifting those flowers in order to make sure that the recipient will like the flowers. You can also take some tips from the florist when you send flowers to Canada or any other place, to your dear one on any occasion.

Tip 3

Different varieties of flowers pose with different meanings. So again considering the message that you want to keep intact with your flower gift is very important.

The considerations while selecting the flowers for a woman varies that can be considered to gift a man. Though it may be hard to believe but men also like flowers as a gift And a little creativity will make it an ultimate gift for any man. Listed below are a few tips that will help you in choosing a perfect floral gift for your boyfriend/husband.

Tip 1

Consider his choices, likes and dislikes. Consider the choices he makes while sending flowers to you on birthdays or on any other occasion. This will allow you to know about his choices and likes in a better manner.

Tip 2

Another most important thing that you need to consider is the personality of the man you are sending the flowers. As a few of them like practical gifts so you must consider putting in an arrangement that can be of some use later on. You can consider putting a pencil cup or a coffee mug or a flowering plant.

Tip 3

Does your dear one has any hobbies? Try to make the flower arrangement based on a theme relating to his hobbies. For example, if he is fond of golfing you can add some golf balls, or if he fond of music you can add a CD.

How to Choose the Right Flowers for the Right Occasion

Basket FlowerIt’s only the flowers that can be regarded as the most appropriate thing for greeting others on an occasion. But in order to get the best out of your investment-you need to make sure that you are buying the right flowers for the right occasion. The difference between hate and love is announced by the stripe on the petal.

Today, there are almost no rules, for choosing the kind of flowers for a particular occasion. This makes choosing the right flowers even more complicated. But there are a few points/considerations that if kept in mind- may help you to get the right flowers for a particular occasion.

Excess of anything can give an ugly looking arrangement- Avoid application of a particular concept of the arrangement in too excess. Such as considering a number of varieties in floral fusion can give you an ugly looking bouquet. Such as an all-white arrangement of the flowers, might seem classy to you but is easily overlooked. Thus, make sure the bouquet you choose has all the elements in equal proportion.

Try out some newer varieties- Trying something new is always exciting. Thus, you should always consider picking a great and a new variety, when choosing one for greeting someone with the best wishes. To get the newest varieties of the niches you can check out the online portals to send flowers to UK from India.

Remember the personal and formal choices need to be all different-If it’s for a business associate do not choose anything that’s too fragrant or too delicate. You can go for Calla lilies – this variety is both dynamic and elegant for formal greetings. Remember, bright colors are meant for “romance”. But you may try out red Gerber daisies, or anything violet ,which imply smiley faces. Yellow is also a good office choice.

Go bold when choosing flowers for your dear one- Falling in love, though, requires a bouquet that’s compelling, soulful and exotic. The the ebony pistils, the papery blood red petals, and Chinese poppies are what you choose when you’re head over heels.

Keep different considerations for different occasions-You need to keep in mind that the Thanksgiving flowers should be well considered and personal at the same time, and should be tied to the greater order of things. You may also choose the harvested varieties of your backyard. In gratitude to a winter host, you may consider sending a bouquet of pepper berries, narcissus and holly. A summer host could receive wild-strawberry leaves and white peonies.

In the end, feelings can transcend all the taste considerations. Whether you send gifts to UK or to any other just dream your dear one is opening the door when you send them a surprising and a mind-blowing gift along with a beautiful bouquet.

To get high end and completely unique variety of gifts and bouquet you check out the online portals for your requisites. The online portals also offer an option of home delivery which allows you to send gifts and flowers anywhere and anytime.

A glimpse on various factors favoring online flower delivery

Send Flowers to Australia from IndiaWith the increasing prominence of technology, flower delivery services are turning common increasingly. With online flower delivery services you can easily send beautiful bouquets to your near and dear ones for any special occasion; be it weddings or the birth of a new baby.

If you need to send flowers to Australia, USA, UK, China, UAE, Germany or any other destination- you can send greetings to your loved ones with just a click. The listings briefed below will let you know more about the advantages standing in favor of hiring flower delivery services.

Beautiful Flower Arrangements for All Occasions

This is one of the main benefits associated with flower delivery services. With online flower delivery services you can send elegant bouquets to your dear ones on almost any occasion. Not only they will allow to get the deliveries within quick turnaround time, but they can also provide flowers for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, arrangements for newborns and much more.
Usually, these services offer options of the arrangements to choose from, with easy delivery to almost all the parts of the world. Moreover, the services may also serve you with seasonal flowers within budget-friendly prices. This can further help you to make your special moments even more special and memorable.

Quick Delivery

With online flower delivery services you can get the flowers delivered within quick turnaround time. These services often come with a money back guarantee. This can turn out to be quite useful if the wrong flowers are delivered/acquired or if they fail to comply with the customer satisfaction. Moreover, these online portals possess an incredibly accurate transport system, assuring no delays in delivery. Ordering from the flowers online will allow you to see exactly what you are ordering before making any final payments.

Benefit of placing order anytime

Another big reason why individuals prefer online flower delivery services is because they can place orders anytime. The online portals are open 24 x 7, all 365 days of the year. Few of them not only allow you to place orders for the flowers online, but also allow you to send flowers to Australia from India or to any other destination easily, and that too without paying any extra/higher charges.


Do you desire to send birthday flowers to a loved one or a friend? Or do you have any plans to celebrate a special holiday, an anniversary, or birth of a new born? If it’s a “yes” to any of these questions, then you simply need to route your requisites to the online portals that offer flower delivery services.
Moreover, the online portals offer secure forms of making payments. Additionally, they also offer customized options to their consumers to make payment as per their liking/ease.

From daisies to roses and everything in between, there are countless advantages associated with online flower delivery/arrangement services. Whether desire to gift a bouquet to someone special, or just want to spruce up any upcoming event, online flower delivery services stand as the easiest mode for the same.