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Pricing and Refund provides you a genuine and true value of a product. We reserve the rights to cancel the order which is very rare , with or without any valid reason .Upon such circumstances we shall revert back to you through e-mail that your money has been refunded even if we accepted your order and payment is made.

In case we have undercharged you due to any error during order processing, we shall mail you stating the reason . If you agree to pay the difference amount and deposit the money in our account. We shall process your order. If you don’t agree to purchase the product then your order will not be considered and desired amount will be credited to your account within 15 days to your bank account after deduction of due charges and you will be informed through email that the your money has been refunded.

If by mistake we have over charged for product you purchased. We shall refund the difference money excluding standard deduction made , back into your account. This may take 15 days to appear into your bank account.. We always put our best effort to provide the lowest prices possible rates on .

In case we receive a cancellation notice from your side and the order has not been dispatched by us, we will cancel the order and refund the entire amount within 15 working days after due refund processing deductions . On the other hand, on cancellation of an order after it has been dispatched from our side we shall not be able to refund the money in any circumstances and product can not be returned. We expect that no difference of opinion will happen from customer side regarding cancellation of order.

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